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 This is an Ibanez guitar from the area of the great unknown

Picture by Michael Kramer Berlin (C) 2015 Picture by Michael Kramer Berlin (C) 2015

The guitar shown here is an absolute rarity, if not unique.


There is not a lot of information about this guitar.

I’ve tried to shed some light on it.

On this website, I will try a summing-up for what

I did found out and it started here at 2015.

In the late 1970s Ibanez stopped unarrested

copying guitars and began to build their own

guitars. To come along with this, you can well

say, that the foundation for the Musician series

was laid in the end of 1977.

At this time, Ibanez has built three special guitars

initiated by Bob Weir from Greatful Dead in

collaboration with Jeff Hasselberger - since 1973

responsible for product policy at Elger, one of the

first companies to import Asian musical instruments

into the USA.

The guitars have been built with special electrical

specifikations for Jerry Garcia and were

presented at the NAMM Show 1978 in Atlanta.

Unfortunately Jerry Garcia found, that the guitars

were too heavy for playing them for hours and so

the guitars never had their big show with Jerry.

There are always instruments that emerged as design studies or special models off the mass production                  and emerge even today, with significantly stand out from other models in the series.                                          In the Musician series are these the MC-3000 and MC-5000